Raub, is one of the oldest towns in the State of Pahang. It began as a gold mining town in the early 19th century. Remains of its colonial past are evident in the old buildings scattered around the town.

By car

Raub is located along Federal Route 8 which runs from Bentong to Kota Bharu, the capital of Kelantan state. From Kuala Lumpur, the best way to reach Raub is via the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway (Route E8) to Bentong, and then onto Route 8 at the expressway's Bentong East interchange. Route 8 also allows you to get to Raub from Kota Bharu. From Kuantan, you can reach Raub by using the East Coast Expressway (Route E8) to Lanchang interchange and then proceed along the Lanchang-Raub road.

There is an alternative route to get from the West Coast trunk road (Route 1) to Raub via the winding Route 55 from Kuala Kubu Bahru across the Main Range past The Gap and the turn-off to Fraser's Hill. Cars can use this road at the end of holidays to by-pass jams on the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway.

To get from Taman Negara National Park, get to Jerantut and head weat towards Benta where you will join Route 8. Head south to get to Raub.

Raub is about 80km from Kuala Lumpur.

By bus

Raub is a major bus interchange for the western part of Pahang state and there are connections to Kuala Lumpur, Fraser's Hill, Bentong, Kuala Lipis and Jerantut for Taman Negara National Park. The bus station in the centre of town one block west of the main road.

* To/from Bentong: Frequent Central Pahang Omnibus (red bus) airconditioned buses run between Raub and Bentong. Most of the buses continue to Kuala Lumpur.

* To/from Fraser's Hill: There are no longer any buses to Fraser's Hill. You'll have to catch a taxi.

* To/from Jerantut: Pahang Lin Siong buses operate between Raub and Benta where you can change buses to head to Jerantut. The buses pass Jeram Besu between Raub and Benta.

* To/from Kuala Kubu Bahru: There are no longer any buses to Kuala Kubu Bahru. The journey can only be done by taxi.

* To/from Kuala Lipis: Several direct Pahang Lin Siong buses travel between Raub and Kuala Lipis daily. Alternatively, you can catch a bus to Benta and change there for another to Kuala Lipis. The buses pass Jeram Besu along the way.

* To/from Kuala Lumpur: There are several options to travel between Kuala Lumpur and Raub and journey time is about two and a half hours. Central Pahang Omnibus (red bus) is very frequent and run older air-conditioned buses. Fare is RM7.60 one way. Pahang South Union uses newer buses and just take one hour and forty five minutes to reach Kuala Lumpur. RM7.10 one way. Central Pahang buses will stop to pick up and let down passengers along the way. Airconditioned Transnasional [1] (RM8.30 one way) and Maraliner (RM7.40, or RM7.20 if purchased from its website [2] by credit card) are direct buses with a brief stopover in Bentong. In Kuala Lumpur, buses to Raub depart from the Pekeliling Bus Terminal to the northeast of the city centre.

Get around

Some of the major villages in this District

* Sempalit
* Sungai Lui
* Bukit Koman
* Sungai Ruan
* Tras
* Sungai Chetang
* Cheroh
* Sang Lee
* Dong
* Sungai Klau
* Sungai Chalit
* Felda Tersang
* Felda Krau
* Batu Malim

Felda Tersang is actually a palm oil plantations area, been established back in the 60's under the scheme called FELDA, to develope rural areas as well as to curb the communist treat during that era. Until 1982, communist treat still exist, and most of the road entrance are closed (on curfew), from 0000hrs to 0600hrs, by the army and the district police.

These days, you can see a totally change Felda Tersang, with a populations of more than 3000 peoples mainly palm oil settlers, as the government has given the best possible ammenities for the peoples of Felda Tersang, as a token for their willingness and their contributions to the states of Pahang and Malaysia, specially in palm oil productions.

Nowadays, new generations of Felda Tersang are Doctors, engineers, Chefs, Offshore Personnel, and also still some of them doing farming, but with modern implementations.

Attractive places:

Well known for it's jungle and vast tracks for 4x4 enthusiast. Used to have few mining (gold mines), and some places within the jungle are so peaceful and intereting, if you prefer to try a jungle adventure by 4x4. it can be hardcore or semi, or even light 4x4 trips here in Felda Tersang. Some says, they found and old track been used by the japanese army during the occcupations, even some of them found Japanese planes wreckage, and many more for those who love to endure to the nature.


* Lata Jarum Watefalls is just 30 kilometres from Raub

* Pulau Chekas is nearby Lata Jarum waterfalls (Approximately 3km). It is set on a calm and fresh surrounding with adequate amenities such as chalet and camp site. Suitable for family-day gathering and training program.

* Jeram Besu Rapid only about 20 minutes drive from Raub. Jeram Besu is fast gaining popularity as one of the most challenging white water-rafting areas in the country.


* Local roasted Groundnuts


* Durians
* Dragonfruits
* Fresh River fishes
* Curry fish head and chicken at bus station nearby restaurant


Various budget hotels are available within walking distance from the bus and taxi station.


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